a cup of  tea without sugar taste better than a day without you my dear. 

dear you…

sometimes you didn’t realise what you had until you lost everything

will you?

If I treat you the way you treat me, will you hate me?


Kenapa engkau datang bila aku berduka?

Kau siapa?

Aku anggap kau bekas cinta yang dulu nya selalu memberi aku duka dan airmata

Sekarang kau siapa?

Selalu memberi aku gelak ketawa


Kau siapa?


Dia kata dia akan buat aku menunggu dia

kata dia, aku kena tunggu

tunggu dia

Sampai bila?

Apa ganjarannya bila aku tunggu dia?

I need .

I need a boyfriend who will come to see me

when he got a feeling that I miss him.

I need a boyfriend who will blow me a kiss

before I go to sleep.

I need a boyfriend who will wipe my tears

just because he know that I’m not strong enough to face every problem by my own

I need a boyfriend who will erase the scars that left by my ex-boyfriend and promise that he will never make me bleed .

 I need a boyfriend who will make a time for me just because he know how happy I am when I meet him.

you make me hate flowerssss !

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